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Polyurea vs Epoxy

More Durable Than Epoxy

Our impact resistant coating can withstand way more abuse, increasing longevity of the coating over epoxy.

Stain Resistant

Spills happen, and with our coating all you need for an easy cleanup is a towel and general purpose cleaner.

NO Yellowing or Fading

Our coating is designed and tested to ensure the best possible UV and sun protection against yellowing and fading

Extremely Flexibile

Our coating is 98% more flexible than epoxy which allows it to resist most impacts, preventing chipping or peeling.

Problems with Epoxy Flooring & Low-Grade Paint

When choosing a flooring solution like epoxy, we believe it is important to understand its longevity and performance, especially in comparison to alternative options. Despite its availability and popularity epoxy coatings are known for numerous drawbacks in applications as a concrete coating in prolonged use.

Epoxy Coatings & Paint:

Polyurea Coatings:

We Fix Epoxy Floor Failures, Repairs & More.

Epic Concrete Coatings is your expert in solving epoxy flooring problems and upgrading surfaces with top-notch polyurea coatings. While epoxy was once a popular choice, it often disappoints in the long run, serving more as a temporary maintenance fix rather than a lasting solution. If you’ve faced issues with epoxy or other paint coatings, count on us to rejuvenate your flooring with our superior polyurea coating systems.

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