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Colors & Finishes

Concrete Floor Finishes

When selecting your floor coating you consider durability, low-maintenance and visually appealing for your space. Our floor coating is designed to withstand the toughest environments and we know you will be pleased with the finished product.

Chip Systems

Chip System uses a 100% solids polyurea with unique technology that offers extreme adhesion, rapid cure, and maximum broadcast time. This system also offers a quick return to service, which leads to less down time for customers. The maximum recoat times contribute to ease of application for the installers. The vinyl chips come in a variety of blends to mix and match with your choice of base coat colors. This is one of the most popular systems because it fits in a wide variety of applications.

Color & Finish Options

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Custom Colors & Finishes

For custom colors and finishes, please contact us to see if we can create your perfect blend.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is polyurea/epoxy flake flooring?

The little bits (flakes) added to coating systems like polyurea or epoxy floors are made from a mix of acrylic resin, colors, and other stuff to make them strong and colorful. They’re put into the coating layers to make it look better, giving it a textured look that can be changed based on what design you want.

Color chips in polyurea or epoxy flooring offer a decorative touch, allowing for design customization. They improve slip resistance, hide imperfections, and make cleaning easy. These flakes also add durability, protect against sunlight discoloration, and give a high-end look without the big cost. Overall, they boost both the look and practicality of epoxy floors.

Flake chips under polyurea or epoxy coating is pretty smooth, though there’s a slight texture from the flakes. It feels good under bare feet. But even with some slip-resistance from the appropriate additive, you should be careful when it’s wet.

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