Expert Preparation & Application

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Epic Concrete Coatings is a fresh face in the coatings industry. With a combined 10+ years in the construction industry, ECC has the foundation to knock your next project out of the park.

Installation Process

Step 1: Preparation

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Preparation includes shot blasting and/or diamond grinding. Dust is minimized by having all grinders hooked up to vacuum systems.

Step 2: Concrete Reconstruction

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Our menders and fillers are used to fix pits and cracks before the process begins.

Step 3: Basecoat

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100% solid, self-priming pure polyurea basecoat is mixed and applied.

Step 4: Broadcasting Chip

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Immediately after the basecoat application, the chip is generously broadcast by hand, providing both color and texture to the floor.

Step 5: Scraping the chip

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Once the basecoat is fully cured the floor is scraped and vacuumed to remove any loose or vertical standing flakes.

Step 6: Clear Coat

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The final step is to roll out the UV stable polyaspartic clear coat
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